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About the Tumbuka language

The Tumbuka language is a Bantu language which is spoken in the Northern Region of Malawi and also in some parts of Zambia

Tumbuka Bible Versions

The first Tumbuka Bible was published in 1952. In 1981 a common language Tumbuka translation was published with Deuterocanonical books and without Deuterocanonical books. In early 1990s a new project was setup to translation an interconfessional common language translation. The new translations have just been published and will be launched soon.

Mu mutendeko mukaŵa Mazgu, ndipo Mazgu wakaŵa na Chiuta, ndipo Mazgu wakaŵa Chiuta. Yohane 1:1

Mazgu gha Chiuta - Litali

This is Tumbuka Bible without DC published in 1981

Mazgu ya Chiuta - Lifupi

This is a Tumbuka Bible with Deuterocanonical books published in 1981

New Tumbuka Bible

The new interconfessional common language Bible has been published. This Bible is published with Protestant Edition as well as the Catholic Edition

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